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By Filipinos, For Filipinos

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Who We Are

We are a group of Filipinos who have lived abroad for more a good portion of our professional lives. Like many of our hardworking countrymen, we know how it feels to miss home and try to find ways to reconnect with our roots -- whether through simple things like finding our favorite childhood treats or hearing about other Filipinos around the world being recognized for their achievements.  ​​

Inspired by both pride and nostalgia, we built TatakPinoy.com as a way for Filipinos to “feel at home,” no matter where they are in the world. Through this platform, we hope to share Filipino ideas, products, and stories not only with our fellow kababayan, but with the rest of the world as well.

By Filipinos, For Filipinos

TatakPinoy.com created in the spirit of serving Pinoys abroad, all while providing our local brands back home an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Regardless of the size of business, any Filipino brand with excellent products can showcase their products through our platform.


insights on various types of products that cater to the market’s changing needs.


small businesses to reach out to international markets with minimal investment requirements.


end-to-end online commerce, including inventory management and business analytics.

Commitment to Excellence

Armed with our professional experience, we are on the lookout for homegrown products that meet global standards of excellence. In our effort to showcase the best that the Philippines has to offer, we reserve the TatakPinoy.com seal of approval only for products that we believe can satisfy the international demand for excellent craftsmanship and ethical sourcing.