Bicol's best eco-tourism destination, a land of diversity and incredible beauty.

Mystical Bulusan

People’ choices and preferences have noticeably changed over the last two years. The challenges that the pandemic brought to the world have somehow led many people to different perspectives about the various aspects of how to live their lives.

The past two years was also the time that people realized the value of relationships, health, and the environment. It was a time that longing for healthy and open spaces grew in the hearts and minds of the people.

A deeper grasp of what matters the most in life came about during the lockdowns, and the nagging urge to be in a place where life’s beauty and creations can be experienced and enjoyed flooded the hearts of many.

Undeniably the Philippines is home to magnificent places, virgin islands and forests, pristine white beaches, stunning trails and caves system, amazing view of the mountains and volcanoes, hidden paradise, and the countless bodies of water that can fulfil your travel adventure goals.

In Sorsogon, Bicol, a thriving small municipality stands out for its geographical composition, a destination one for the books. Bulusan, which is a fourth class municipality is a land of diversity and incredible beauty, it is not just rich in natural resources but also a flourishing eco-tourism destination.

A diverse destination that will enchant you with its splendid coastline and beaches, famous active volcano – Mt. Bulusuan, and the sultry forests that surround the gorgeous Bulusan Lake. With Bulusan’s geographic make up, it is surely a place you will want to revisit time and again.

One of the most bewitching places in Bulusan is the Bulusan Lake that never missed to charm its guests with its calm waters, mysterious and enchanting ambiance. Visitors can enjoy boat rides to explore the magic of the Lake.

The spectacular and vibrant eco-tourism offerings of Bulusan makes it a go-to destination looking for multiple facets of adventure.

Bulusan deserves to be in your bucket list not just this summer if you want to experience all cuts of traveling.

Travel Tips

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What to do in Bulusan

The amazing geographical makeup of Bulusan make the perfect eco tourism destination.


Explore the volcanic mountain of Bulusan.

Are you ready to discover the wonders of Lake Bulusan?

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